Tuesday, October 23, 2018

Fleeing bad weather, jewelry vendor starts flea market at a nightclub

Flea Market Madness

This nightclub in Philadelphia is the new home to Flea Market Madness.

Mother Nature has been cruel to the outdoor flea market business in the Garden State lately. “This past year has been horrible for flea markets in New Jersey. It went from snowstorms to extreme heat,” says jewelry vendor Kimberly Teed. “I wanted a place inside.” She has opened a new market in Philadelphia, called Flea Market Madness, launched June 11 in an old FedEx warehouse on 9th Street across from the Starlight Ballroom, also known as Club Polaris. On Aug. 21, the craft fair and flea market moved into the nightclub. “The first inside place that I tried was an oven,” says Teed who manages and organizes the new swap meet. “That place was covered, so we weren’t rained out. However, it was hot.”

Searching for a better indoor location, Teed found one nearby. “The owner of the nightclub across the street said we could use his place, and that’s how we got where we are now,” she says. “And they’ve been awesome to us. They’ve had staff there for cleanup and food, for example.” An experienced new and used jewelry dealer, Teed had been selling at several New Jersey locations. She hopes to devote more energy to selling at her new market soon. “I’ve done more managing. I’ll be selling when my time allows.”

Flea Market Madness

The booth spaces at Flea Market Madness offer a distinctive selling environment.

The market has attracted 26 vendors, and it has space for 50. The interior spaces allow for small tables and chairs, as at any number of markets around the country, but the availability of restaurant-style booths adds novelty to the indoor setting. “It is so nice to have a market where you are not sweating or freezing,” Teed says.

A space rents for $25 per night on Wednesdays and $35 on Saturdays and Sundays. The venue offers advantages that include rest rooms, music, restaurant-style food, and a roof. The market is held four or five times a month, and has dates scheduled on Wednesdays, Sundays, and the odd Saturday, into next year. For more information, contact Kimberly Teed at the Flea Market Madness Web site or Facebook page. She also has a phone number but is cautious with it. “I don’t mind the public calling, but the spiders are starting to pick up on it,” she says. Her phone number is area code six hundred nine, five hundred eighty-nine, thirty-three hundred.

Photo credits, with thanks: Google Maps, Flea Market Madness.

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