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Mister Snacks debuts healthy treats for flea market impulse buyers

September 9, 2011 by Michael Alterio  
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Mister Snacks Inc. is a manufacturer and supplier known for bring fresh new products to market. The company keeps on top of hot products and suggests the ones that move. “Gummy bears and gummy worms are extremely popular when customers have kids with them,” says Stephen Stern, vice president of sales, explaining current trends in snack items. “But what’s hot now are healthy items. Trail mixes in general are a step up from a candy bar, and more people are picking them up.”

Mister Snacks’ recipe for success includes value pricing and a very wide product assortment. “Our products are priced to sell, and when a rack is set up, there’s something for every taste, from healthy to chocolate to yogurt to fat free to candy,” says Stern. “We just came out with some new items that are doing very well. Our new mixes with strawberries and blueberries have gone from zero to hero. They are both in our top ten items, almost overnight, and that’s unheard of.” For another demographic, the company is now unveiling a line of “cherrito” spicy Hispanic snacks.

However, the company is not just trying new snack lines — it is trying new markets as well, with a move to widen its customer base to include vendors at flea markets and swap meets. According to Stern, his products appeal to flea market customers because of their value and look. “We have a line called Stone Mountain,” he says. “It is a little lower priced, but with many of these same items. The cost is lower, and that might be attractive at flea markets, if vendors put out a variety of items.”

The value-priced line is packaged in see-through bags that let customers get a good look at exactly what they are buying. “Our products appeal to the impulse buyer because, with our packaging, you can see every nut and fruit in the bag. They are filled with more expensive ingredients, and it has a real eye appeal,” Stern says.

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