Saturday, December 15, 2018

New outdoor Las Vegas flea market to debut Oct. 1

A new swap meet is opening in Las Vegas on Oct. 1, but don’t call it that. “We’re family oriented, with a kids’ corner with bouncers, face painting, and clowns,” says market coordinator Alexandra Logan. “That’s why we’re not calling a swap meet, but a family market.”

She was inspired to start the Las Vegas Family Market because there are no others in the area, and she wants to fill a need in the community. “We’re going to be the first one here,” says Logan, who worked in the flea market business in Miami. “We’re opening on a shopping plaza that is 90 percent vacant, so we’re going to bring life to this plaza.”

Logan says that local officials have been supportive. “We just got the permit yesterday from the town board. We’re going to the next county meeting for final approval.”

The market has been advertising on Craigslist, and has a new Web site up live. It has a Facebook page as well. A more extensive publicity push will follow the okay from the county. “After the final approval, we’re going to run a very intensive advertising campaign,” says Logan.

The outdoor market will start out with at least 200 vendors, and has room for 500. Primarily new products will be sold, including produce, clothing, and furniture. The swap meet, at 9155 Las Vegas Boulevard, will offer spaces that start at $25 per day. The  Las Vegas Family Market will be open year round, every Saturday and Sunday. For more information, call Alex at (754) 244-3100 or e-mail

Las Vegas Family Market

This mostly empty plaza will be the home for the new Las Vegas Family Market.

Photo credits, with thanks: Las Vegas Family Market, Bing Maps.


9 Responses to “New outdoor Las Vegas flea market to debut Oct. 1”
  1. James says:

    *Note: I am not affiliated with any market in this town. I am a local resident presenting their views on this topic.

    Unfortunately, this market is not the first and only one of its kind in the Las Vegas area. Furthermore, Alexandra does NOT support other community markets such as Fresh52 (a farmers market with two locations serving the Henderson and Summerlin areas). In a recent e-mail, Alexandra said, “Sorry, but we not consider “Fresh52″ with 6 silly both [sic] as a “market”.

    What Alex fails to realize in this community is that word of mouth travels much faster than in other cities. Las Vegas is about who you know more so than what you know. A bold and extreme lack of community support towards other markets suggests unfriendliness and lack of interest in community spirit.

    I personally will not be visiting this market following this revelation. I encourage community members to support and visit markets that are there for others as well as their own. We need to embrace community spirit, not criticize those who are in similar, but not exactly the same, type of venue as others.

  2. Elizabethu says:

    Huh? What are you talking about? Anybody that is trying to help the community,and it’s members, to make extra money and save money, as well as to offer new products at discount prices in this economy, seems to be doing a very good thing for everybody involved. You don’t even make any sense– what exactly don’t you like? I am also assuming that you have an issue with how many casinos are in Vegas as well,that people should only support one? I don’t live by Henderson or Summerlin, thank you, so I will shop at the flea market that is closest to me- this one. Of course Alex doesn’t support other flea markets, for crying out loud, she is creating her own! I am assuming that Circus Circus does not support MGM Casino, just like Walgreens does not support Rite Aide! Isn’t Vegas built on competition? My guess is you have an issue with Alex, on a personal level, so you thought this would be a great venue to attack. Grow up. I challenge you to this, according to what you are saying–for a month I would like you to shop at ONE grocery store only, ONE gas station only, ONE atm machine only, ONE fast food joint only, ONE doctor (nope, no specialists!),and watch ONE tv program ONLY….. I AM ASSUMING YOU GET MY POINT….Oh, and ONE CASINO. Bet you can’t do it.

  3. Yvette Godfrey says:

    I purchased a home in Las Vegas about 3 months ago, will be retiring there in about 5 years. I do flea markets in CA now and wanted to make sure Las Vegas has flea markets there before i decided to retire there. I CAN NOT wait to visit this location and others.

  4. Gina Garcia says:

    I am over the top excited about the opening of The Las Vegas Family Market. I have waited a long time for a market just like this and feel honored to be able to join in what I already know is going to be an amazing success. I also am so jazzed to shop and enjoy great discounts for my family. Gina : )

  5. This weekend I was at the LV Market. I was very pleased to see the variety of vendors, not just your run of the mill vegetables and used clothes. One of the vendors was giving out massages, while another was handing out free samples of fresh juice. I loved the bounce houses, since I have a 6 year old son and naturally he was very anxious to jump in one as soon as we walked in.

    So I went to the new Market on Saturday. The one on Las Vegas Blvd. I liked the quality of the wares. Everything seemed to be either in original packaging or new if it didn’t have packaging. In any case, none of the stuff seemed used. I was a little disappointed that there was no music, but I was told this was because the band was a no-show and that next weekend they will definitely have someone there to entertain. I live pretty close so I’ll be sure to be there every time they’re open.
    This past weekend, our Market had a successful turnout! Every Saturday and Sunday from 8am – 4pm, you can buy fresh produce, new housewares and original gifts, brand name clothes and much, much more! We worked very hard to make this event possible and want to thank you for your support and your help in spreading the word. Next weekend looks promising with some new vendors along with a lot of our dedicated vendors who will be returning. Tell everyone you know that the Las Vegas Family Market is officially open EVERY WEEKEND!
    Items include:
    Original Paintings
    Fresh Produce
    Unique Chandeliers
    Modern Outdoor Furniture
    Mary Kay Products
    Scentsy Products
    Halloween Costumes

  6. dissapointed...trully says:

    im very dissapointed im trying to make extra money because ive been out of work for a long time. I refurbish furniture into shabby chic pieces and i was told that for now old or restored stuff will not be allowed, but isnt that what a market is about? if i want new then isnt that what a store or mall is for? theres so many people ive commented this to and they too are very dissapointed just because theres an antique mall there oh well everyone is hurting and we are suppose to be helping eachother here. If variety is offered then more people will come and by and in return shop at the antique mall how can that be a bad thing i think the antique mall is just being greety maybe they should lower their prices and compete with everyone else…seriously in what world are we living in?…imalso from california and all markets out there offer new and old thats what brings people together theres room for everyone PEOPLE! STOP BEING SO GREETY!

  7. Linda says:

    I have yet to go there, however swap meet, flea market whatever you want to call it. Personally I feel there should be a huge variety of vendors to include used items. The economy is bad and if someone has items for sale that someone else may want they should be able to take them there and sell them. I am not talking about stuff that should be trashed but stuff that can be reused by someone else.

  8. I am so happy that Las Vegas Family Market is here… I haven’t been there yet because I thought it was opening this October 1, 2012… I’m a vendor of VICTORY R.O.D.E. Unity Apparel; tee shirts and accessories. Now that I know you are actively in business, I’ll be there next weekend.

    Thank you for coming to Vegas.. We need a market with class.. Our current markets definitely lack that much needed quality.

    By the way, the Farmers Market is nothing more than 10 or 15 vendors in Summerlin. It’s the smallest set up that I’ve ever seen. Only a few of the vendors are able to survive. People want choices and will go out of their way to attend if you offer that. That’s why the the vendors at the Farmers Market are suffering.

  9. Adam says:

    Elizabeth, I can’t agree more with what you said! =)

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