Wednesday, December 19, 2018

New high-end Chicago flea market generates buzz

A new monthly flea market that launched June 5 in Chicago is generating buzz as the latest in a spreading wave of upscale, “curated” artisanal marketplaces. The Dose Market, described on its Web site as “Chicago’s most dynamic gathering of innovative fashion, artisan food and high design,” draws its inspiration from markets like the Brooklyn Flea. It just got an enthusiastic review in the New York Times, which has recently written about the chichi trend in New York City. Check out this quote from the Times:

Dose is a monthly gathering of artisan food, fashion and design vendors … After the market had its debut in June, it made an immediate impact. Part of that was due to the connections and knowledge of its founders: Emily Fiffer, the Chicago editor of Daily Candy; Heather Sperling, the Chicago editor of Tasting Table; Jessica Herman, the associate style and shopping editor at Time Out Chicago; and April Francis, the owner of Haute Closet, a personal-styling service. They each have an eye for emerging talent and have their collective fingers on the pulse of what’s happening in the city. But what really distinguishes Dose (named by Ms. Francis as a spot where you can get a dose of this and that) is the carefully curated, rotating cast of characters that the quartet brings together under one roof. The idea, Ms. Sperling said, “was to create this really cool cultural space where you could go in and feel a palpable energy.”

The high-end swap meet launched with 40 vendors, featuring gourmet foods, vintage housewares, handmade stationery, and vintage women’s accessories and fashion designs — and an $8 admission price for shoppers ($10 at the door). Held on Sundays, the flea market’s sessions take place once a month on an irregular schedule that is posted online and on Facebook. Vendors, which the market calls “Dosers,” are invited to apply by e-mail at, but there is no guarantee of a reply. “We regret that we cannot respond to every request,” says the text on the site.

Dose Market

The scene at the Dose Market held in August.

Photo credit, with thanks: Dose Market.

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