Sunday, October 21, 2018

Aquaduck Flea Market

12637 Flatlands Ave.
Brooklyn, NY 11208
Phone: 516-996-3558

Open year-round Tues., Fri.,  Sat. and Sun. 8am-6pm.  Space for 400 vendors!


2 Responses to “Aquaduck Flea Market”
  1. Jun Sung Lee says:

    Dear Big Steve,

    I’l like to become a vendor in the Aquaduck Flea Market.

    I have three kinds of food to make on the spot as following :
    1. Tornado Potato
    2. Smoothie
    3. Bubble Tea

    Can I sell those products in that market as above ?
    To sell my products, I need generator to use electricty.
    Also, I need machine as below :
    1. Protable Deep Fryer
    2. Blender
    3. Freezer & Fridge

    Would you make sure for me to use those machine at there ?
    I look forward to seeing you in the Aquaduck Flea Market.

    Please let me know if I can attend on the Aquaduck Flea Market.

    Jun Sung Lee

  2. Anonymous says:


    As a frequent vendor, I love coming to this market. The variety of merchandise is incredible and the crowd constantly flows all day long. It’s the place where you will always find a treasure! May I make a suggestion, and this is just something to think about for the future. Because the market is so spread out with various vendors who sell a multitude of merchandise, I believe it would make a more better market whereas everyone who has new or nearly new merchandise could be on one side of the market and divide the other side with those who have used merchandise or salvaged goods. This way it gives a better impression to those with new merchandise that everything is not $1!. Makes sense and vendors have a chance to display and sell their merchandise at competitive prices.

    Again, just a suggestion. :)


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