Thursday, April 26, 2018

Two-location flea market opens third site in Louisville, Ky.

Two entrepreneur brothers have successfully launched two indoor flea markets in the last year and a half, and plan to open a third in Louisville, Ky., on Sept. 1. Matt and Elijah Jeffery have opened Vendors’ Village flea markets in Leitchfield, Ky., and Princeton, Ind., and are not stopping there. “Our other two stores have done really well, and that’s what’s kept us going,” says Matt Jeffery. “We opened up the one in Leitchfield in April last year and the one in Princeton in January of this year, and they both have just done so well, that we wanted to focus on on our home town, which is Louisville.”

Vendors' Village ad

Vendors' Village founders Matt and Elijah Jeffery dance with Sammy Stephens and two extraterrestrials in a TV ad announcing the opening of their third flea market.

In preparation for the grand opening, the Jeffery brothers have launched a quirky TV ad campaign, starring themselves in unlikely venues with Sammy Stephens, of Montgomery Flea Market Fame — “It’s just like a mini-mall!”

The market is in the site of an old Kroger supermarket in the Dixie Valley shopping center in the Valley Station neighborhood. “We found a good spot close to where we live, a beautiful location, so we decided to go for it,” says Matt Jeffery. “It’s a large flea market. In the front room alone there are 315 spaces, and we have the option to develp another 60 spaces in another part of the building, so I guess at some point there will around 375 spaces.”

The new Vendors’ Village has room for extras, too. “We’re building a snack lounge and a stage for monthly entertainment,” says Elijah Jeffery. “At the grand opening, we’re going to have some people doing music, and we’ll have a local coffee house giving away free coffee.”

Vendors’s Village

This still from a TV ad shows the new Louisville Vendors’s Village location, along with founders Matt and Elijah Jeffery.

The brothers expect to have every available space sold out for Sept. 1. “We’re going to be 100 percent full for the opening,” says Matt Jeffery. “There’s a real need for a flea market of this size in the area, and that’s why it has filled out so quickly, because people just love it.”

Spaces are renting at $125 for an 8×10 booth per month. For more information, check out the Vendors’ Village Web site and Facebook page, and call (502) 933-6373.

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