Sunday, May 27, 2018

New TV show stars dumpster-diving flea market artisans

(See below for an update to this story)

A new flea market reality show debuts tonight on the Discovery Channel. “Dirty Money” is the story of two brothers, John and Jimmy DiResta, who turn dumpster-dive trash into amazing works of art, and then sell them at flea markets and swap meets. In one of the first episodes, for example, the brothers meld an old typewriter and a modern computer keyboard to make a steampunk work of art that is actually functional as well. The show, which launches tonight at 10 p.m., includes footage shot at flea markets in the New York City area.

DiResta brothers

The DiResta brothers of ‘Dirty Money’ on the Discovery Channel.

Eric Demby of the Brooklyn Flea says that film crews shoot at his market all the time, but non-disclosure agreements prevent him from naming names. However, speaking generally about the growing trend of bargain-hunting reality television programs, he says, “It makes sense that flea markets and TV shows about them are popular. When the economy is in a downturn, everybody wants get lucky at the alchemy game, turning their lead into gold.”

According to a press release, John and Jimmy DiResta — who have starred in another reality show on HGTV —  have flea markets in their blood:

The DiResta brothers developed “the sickness” — an addiction to flea markets — as young children growing up on Long Island. Their father, known as the “Lord of the Fleas,” raised John and Jimmy as part of the flea market culture.

The brothers spend time with dad in an upcoming episode.

Aug. 23 Update: Per this Aug. 21 post on the Hell’s Kitchen Flea Market Web site, the show has been shooting there regularly. Check out other links at the post.


6 Responses to “New TV show stars dumpster-diving flea market artisans”
  1. Jeff Betts says:

    Great show,,not only interesting but very funny!

  2. Mark says:

    It started out a pretty good show, but at the very beginning they give a warning to children that there could be offensive language, I am in my mid fifties and I found language I do not want to hear again. Using the Lords name in vain is a huge no no for me. If I hear that one more time I wont watch it again and I will let all my Christian friends know too. You shouldn’t have to put that kind of immoral talk on TV. Why cant you just have a clean show without all the cussing? I am sure your ratings would go sky high if you did that. Have you even considered it?

  3. BIll says:

    Mark, bad language isn’t immoral, sorry to break the news. You may find it in poor taste, but it’s NOT immoral. Don’t like the language, don’t watch the show. Simple formula.

    By the way, the show is amazing…perhaps you watched those immoral guys donate an item to a veteran’s group? I love watching these guys…couple regular dudes who enjoy their work, which puts them ahead of 98% of the rest of the country. I dig it, can’t wait to run into them at the flea one day.

  4. Tom says:

    Huh? Actually, foul language is immoral. I agree it’s also in poor taste, but let’s get re-focused here, what is it that foul language brings to the show? Nothing. It’s not cool, it’s certainly NOT going to make MORE people tune in. I also don’t go out of my way to watch shows or movies where every other word is the “F” word either. It’s simply unnecessary and actually quite detracting. Believe it or not, communication can take place without it Bill! I agree with you, the show is otherwise wonderful and I love the creations!

  5. Zackary Falbe says:

    Well, if you dont prefer bad language and your sensative and soft, maybe you should consider something more clean like Elmos World. Its ok for them to use these words, their grown men and they’ve put the rating before the show, they have every right to speak however they please. As for all you others who think its “Immoral”, thats your opinion.

  6. Phil says:

    I think the show is fun to watch, and very informative, but i must agree seems no one can produce a show without all the foul language. Why is that? The show would but just as good if not better without it. Yes i am a Christian,but i wont bet you over the head with it. Just saying Dirty Money along with most of the other shows like it don’t have the use that kind of langage to help their ratings, matter of fact it would most likly help them.


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