Tuesday, December 11, 2018

Old California hotel hosts a new mini-mall

Madera Mini Mall

The new Madera Mini Mall is in an old hotel building.

A new mini-mall opened Aug. 14 in Madera, Calif., in a historic old hotel building that had hosted several failed furniture retailers. The Madera Mini Mall is host to 15 vendors selling shoes, apparel, cell phones, home décor, purses, and perfumes. There is also a photographer at the indoor flea market.

The new project has been supported by the local chamber of commerce, which sponsored a ribbon-cutting.

“Given this economy, we decided to try this new venue of doing the mini-mall to give small businesses the opportunity to get their feet on the ground and get started,” owner Susan Savage tells KFSN-TV ABC30, the local TV news station. The market will be open daily, and two vendor spaces, which require a six-month commitment, are still available.

Photo credit, with thanks: KFSN.

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