Saturday, December 15, 2018

Oklahoma City officials protest unfair raid on outdoor market

Skip Kelly

Skip Kelly

City council members in Oklahoma City have raised protests over alleged unequal and unfair enforcement of codes governing food trucks. According to a report in The Oklahoman, Oklahoma City Councilman Skip Kelly, one of two council members representing the district in which the health department raid took place, spoke out about the incident:

“This was overreaching in one area, and it’s unfair. I’m not saying turn your head the other way on these violations. But if you can’t get two or three people to go out and work northeast Oklahoma City and address issues because it would require overtime, but you can get all these people out to south Oklahoma City, how is that right?”

Another council member, councilwoman Meg Salyer, is calling for an inquiry to see if the health department’s plan to focus on certain regions in preference to others is an example of unfair scrutiny.

Photo credit, with thanks: The Oklahoman.


3 Responses to “Oklahoma City officials protest unfair raid on outdoor market”
  1. Hop says:


    To quote the movie: “You keep using that word. I do not think it means what you think it means.”

    Three food trucks and a beer tent is a “market”…?

  2. Michael Alterio says:

    Thanks for your comment. It’s a fair cop — this story is not about a flea market. Still, I personally thought it was newsworthy to see city council members in a major metro area stand up for outdoor vendors, even if it is just “three food trucks and a beer tent.” :-)

    Reader feedback is always welcome, of course, and I appreciate you keeping me honest.

    Michael Moran Alterio
    Web Content Editor,
    (203) 748-2050 ext. 109

    PS: That’s twice in two days someone has quoted “The Princess Bride” to me, and I had to look it up both times! I gotta rent that movie again!

  3. tigris says:

    if what your saying is true, then it most certainly should be looked into. it is not fair for a government department to pick on small business’s in the poorer areas of the city, but disregard any possible wrong doings of larger business in high class areas. it is discriminatory and disrespectful, not to mention it’s classicism. thank you addressing the issue, i hope it gets cleared up soon.

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