Thursday, January 24, 2019

Regional manager reveals details on new Arizona swap meet

Richard Hogue

Richard Hogue

Park n Swap, the multi-site flea market chain owned by Delaware North, is opening a large new market in Glendale, Ariz., in early September, as previously reported. Richard Hogue, the general manager for the Phoenix Park n Swap, and now regional operations director, spoke with FleaMarketZone about the new market and what to expect as it opens.

FleaMarketZone: What’s your background in Arizona?

Richard Hogue: The Phoenix Park n Swap is about 13 miles away from the new site in Glendale. It’s been there since 1961. It is one of the oldest and still most popular swap meets in Phoenix, and we would hope to do the business in Glendale that we do in Phoenix.

FMZ: How did the new flea market come about?

Hogue: We started looking for a piece of property about two years ago. We found a very prime piece of property that was in foreclosure in the center of Glendale. At one time it was a trailer manufacturing operation. The building itself was about 125,000 sq ft. It sat on about 30 acres of prime land. We negotiated the sale of it and bought the property for about $4.2 million. We should finish up our construction right around the end of August, and we will have made about $3.7 million in improvements.

FMZ: What are the highlights of those improvements?

Hogue: We have three great concessions inside serving Hispanic and American food. We have the opportunity to be the first in Phoenix to offer an indoor/outdoor flea market concept. We will have shade in Glendale for outside vendors, just the way we do already in Phoenix. We have an entertainment section set up.

Glendale Park n Swap

The new Glendale Park n Swap occupies 125,000 sq ft. on about 30 acres.

FMZ: What has the reception been like from people in the area?

Hogue: Glendale has been very good to us. They realize that we’re taking an area and making a huge improvement in an area that needs improvement. So they were right with us. All the response we’ve got from the community has been great.

FMZ: How many vendors can you fit, and how many do you have so far?

Hogue: We have about 850 spaces inside and out, and if we can fill 400 spaces, we’ll be very successful at our opening. Vendors start at $10 per space, and we’re charging a dollar admission.

FMZ: What do you have planned for the grand opening?

Hogue: Right now it is scheduled for Sept. 10. We’ll have all kinds of kid rides, live entertainment, giveaways for the kiddies, balloons and stuff like that. There will be free admission for the first 500 coming through the gate on opening day. We may have some VIP visitors from the city. We’d like to get the Parks and Recreation Dept over there. We’re going to do a giveaway for a charity who would like to set up once a month. It’s not firecrackers and sky rockets, but just a good old fashioned swap meet.

For more information, contact:

Glendale Park n Swap
6112 N 56th Ave
Glendale Ariz.
(623) 696-3900
Toll free: (855) GO2SWAP
Text vendor to 55678

Photo credits, with thanks: The Glendale Star.

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