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Allstar Wholesalers offers packed pallets of shelf-pull products

August 11, 2011 by Michael Alterio  
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Allstar Wholesalers, a family business run by Danny Hess, is offering some great deals to flea market vendors in the returns, close-outs, and shelf-pull arena. With the help of his wife and his 75-year-old dad, Hess says that his wide assortments and range of prices make him a compelling swap meet and flea market product source. “We sell a little bit of everything, and if you can’t get it here, you can’t get it anywhere,” Hess says.

He sells primarily by the pallet, with prices that plummet to $150 and percolate up to $2,000. He tells customers that with remaindered product like this, buyers need to understand what they are buying. “Most of what I deal in is returns,” he explains. “I never advertise more than 25 percent saleable right away, although often customers can do better than that. The rest of the merchandise they’ll have to work on.” Still the margins can be amazing with the right effort, he says.

Communication is key. Hess advises his customers to call him for details about specific products and pallet offerings, including merchandise specifics. For example, he e-mails customers with new deals, like the home improvement category products he just got in. Allstar currently has 2,500 pallets of goods on hand in its 50,000 square foot distribution center.

The company can arrange for shipment after purchase, often getting a better deal given the volume it handles on a regular basis. “Most of them let me do it,” says Hess. Customers can also arrange their own freight, or pick up purchases in person, on site in Tazewell, Tenn.

For more information, call Allstar Wholesalers at (423) 626-8160 or e-mail

All Star Wholesalers

Allstar Wholesalers in Tazewell, Tenn., offers flea market and swap meet vendors pallets of products at persuasive prices.

Photo credit, with thanks: Allstar Wholesalers.


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