Monday, October 22, 2018

Peace Frogs clothing supplier seeks vendor partners

An established apparel company with a loyal fan base is looking for flea market and swap meet partners to carry the company’s remaindered articles. “We’re trying to build a network of vendors that can help us clear out merchandise as we change from season to season,” says Peace Frogs founder Catesby Jones. “We have branded merchandise that we sell into over 3,000 stores across the country. We’re looking for someone who can take our older merchandise, closeout merchandise, excess merchandise, those types of items, and build a relationship with us. That way we can really build a relationship in which they can be an outlet.”

With 25 years of experience selling unique merchandise, Peace Frogs has an eco-friendly style that appeals to many flea market customers. “We’re an environmentally conscious brand,” says Jones. “Many of our products are organic cotton. We donate to a range of causes. We are kind of the ‘Ben and Jerry’s’ of clothing.”

As awareness of the swap meet venue grows as a place to “buy local” and “reuse, reduce, recycle,” vendors are increasingly aware of the opportunity in selling to a greener market. “People have sold our products at flea markets, festivals, state fairs, and they do very well,” says Jones — and with decent margins. “A lot of guys have a three times markup,” he adds.

From the company’s trademark T-shirts to socks, sarongs, and scrubs, Peace Frogs’ wide range of “positively, peaceful comfort clothing” resonates with a strong and loyal base of established customers. “You would be amazed how many people know about our product,” says Jones. “A lot of people do well at flea markets with sweat shirts. Also items ranging from lounge pants to hats.”

The company has a minimum order of $300, and takes wholesale trade orders primarily over the phone; the Peace Frogs Web site works well as a catalog, but is intended for consumers, not retailers. For more information, call Sandra at (800) 447-3223, extension 241.

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