Wednesday, January 23, 2019

New fairgrounds market offers a home in Alabama to 400 vendors

The Shoals Flea Market in Muscle Shoals, Ala., is preparing for a June launch that will feature a rodeo at the grand opening. Held in three air-conditioned buildings at the North Alabama State Fair Grounds, the new swap meet will be held on a Friday to Sunday schedule on the third weekend of each month from June through December, except for September. The market will open Friday evening and all day Saturday and Sunday.

The market is being organized by Lawrence and Gina Hughes, who have already set up a Web site and Facebook page. Both inside and outside booths are available, at rental rates from $39 to $150. About 400 booths are available, half in, half outside. The Shoals Flea Market has about 50 inside vendors already booked.

The market is conducting a media blitz, with a radio station broadcasting from the grand opening as well as advertising with newspapers, flyers, signs, and more, according to the market Web site. For more information, contact the market at or call (731) 803-2205.

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