Saturday, December 15, 2018

Sexton City Trade Days

13630 North Main Street
Overton, TX 75684
Manager/Owner: Sam Covey
Phone: 903-841-8971

COME AND VISIT! Open year-round the 4th weekend of each month, Fri. through Sun. 8am. For more information visit our website


4 Responses to “Sexton City Trade Days”
  1. sophia says:

    This is a small mkt but has great potiental for the people that really would loke for it to work. Personally I would like to see this happeb. Come on out on the fourth weekend and see what everyone has to offer

  2. Joe says:

    Question: what does a space cost for the week end?

  3. Peggy Jacobs says:

    We try to go every month. The vendors are friendly and they bring some interesting things each time. Parking is pretty good, also.

  4. Ray says:

    Don’t go on Fridays, nobody there. Saturdays,however,have probably 20-30 vendors. They have chickens,ducks, plants,various animals, clothes,food,yard sale stuff,hats etc. Small flea market but very nice with a good variety of items.

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