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State Farmers’ Market Flea Market

April 29, 2011 by publisher  
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1655 Federal Drive Montgomery, AL 36107 Manager/Owner: Nick Zorn Phone: 334-242-5350 50 10×20 space pavilion & more @ $25 a space for 2 days. Every 3rd Fri. and Sat. 7am-4pm each month March – October. Easy loading and unloading access, plus plenty of close parking. Antiques, furniture, collectibles, jewelry, home furnishings, bedding, dishes, kitchenware, tools, fishing gear, garden tools, clothes, knives, etc. Next door to Montgomery State Farmers Market and Garrett Coliseum.  Read More →

Reedy Creek Produce and Flea Market

9891 Highway 210 Four Oaks, NC 27524 Phone: 919-630-5299 Open Fri. 10am-6pm, Sat, 8am-6pm and Sun. 1pm-6pm.  Read More →

Homestead Flea Market

April 29, 2011 by publisher  
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812 McClure Street Homestead, PA 15120 Manager/Owner: Iris Ramos Phone: 412-537-9336 Open Sat.-Sun. 9am-3pm.  Read More →

Antiques swap meet vendor gets ready to start a market in Colorado

A swap meet and antiques veteran is opening The Great Paonia Swap Meet in an under-served community in Colorado. According to proprietor Rhonda Reid, the local area has a real need for a new market. “The closest one is 70 miles away,” she explains. “We’re in the poorest county in Colorado, so anything that can generate trade and activity is good.” And she has the expertise to do it right. “I’ve had five antique stores, and I’ve sold at 500 swap meets in my day,” Reid explains. And with that selling background, she will be setting... 

New San Fran market readies for Memorial Day Launch

In San Francisco Bay, on a small man-made island, the Treasure Island Flea is set to open May 28. The market is being launched by Angie and Charles Ansanelli, who are known locally as retailers and suppliers, specializing in apparel. According to Angie Ansanelli, the market will start with 150 to 200 vendors. “We looked for two years for a venue,” she says. “But many locations never panned out. All along, Treasure Island was saying, ‘Come to us.’ When we went, finally, we knew it was our home. The view is amazing and it’s so big... 

River Market

April 26, 2011 by publisher  
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910 South Monterrey Street Hidalgo, TX 78557 Phone: 956-843-9500 Open Wed.-Sun. for more information, find us on Facebook.  Read More →

An artist creates with found objects — found at the flea market

Some artists cast their sculptures in bronze. Others carve in rare Italian marble. Leo Sewell assembles his works of art from objects he finds in dumpsters, yard sales, and flea markets. “I started out playing with junk and building out of junk. I picked trash on the curb, mostly,” says Sewell, whose art is collected in private collections and over 40 museums. “In the early ’80s, my second wife convinced me that it was okay to buy some of these pieces. That lead us to church rummages, yard sales, and flea markets.” Sewell puts the objects... 

Sexton City Trade Days

April 25, 2011 by publisher  
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13630 North Main Street Overton, TX 75684 Manager/Owner: Sam Covey Phone: 903-841-8971 COME AND VISIT! Open year-round the 4th weekend of each month, Fri. through Sun. 8am. For more information visit our website www.thenewsextoncitytradedays.webmium.com.  Read More →

Packwood Flea Market

April 25, 2011 by publisher  
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PO Box 393 Packwood, WA 98362 Phone: 360-880-7011 Markets held Memorial Day and Labor Day weekends on the Snyder Road Property. Use 104 Snyder Road, Packwood WA for GPS.  Read More →


April 25, 2011 by publisher  
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500 Ave N Treasure Island, CA 94130 Manager/Owner: Angie Ansanelli Phone: 415-898-0245 Web site: www.treasurefest.com Great market with plenty of gourmet food, bands and entertainment.  Open last weekend of each month, Sat. and Sun. 10am-4pm.  Read More →

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