Sunday, May 27, 2018

Bargain hunter reality TV trend builds up steam

Estate sale specialist Cari Cucksey

“As Seen On TV” isn’t just for products any more — it’s for bargain hunters inspired by a slew of reality TV shows, like “Auction Hunters” and “Storage Wars.” As the treasure-seekers come out of the woodwork to go to storage auctions, pawn, shops, and swap meets, the press is beginning to notice the trend. Local news sites have recently reported on the business of abandoned storage unit auctions in California, in New Jersey, in Wisconsin, and in Maryland.

Several related reality shows are just starting:

The National Geographic Channel’s “Auction Packed,” a less sensational look at the auction market for antiques and collectibles.

The Discovery Channel’s “Desert Car Kings,” appealing to auto swap meet lovers.

The History Channel’s “American Restoration,” a “Pawn Stars” spin-off about an antiques restoration house.

HGTV’sCash & Cari,” starring an estate sale specialist named Cari Cucksey.

Reporters are also taking a second look at a few well-rated older shows, including  “Pawn Stars,” about a family running a Las Vegas pawn shop, and “Auction Kings,” about an auction shop in Atlanta.

This reporter is still waiting impatiently for the upcoming “Fleaman” show.


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  1. I’m totally hooked on these shows.

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