Friday, October 19, 2018

Laurel Junction

10912 County Seat Hwy (US 13 & 9E)
Laurel, DE 19956
Phone: 302-875-0543
Fax: 302-875-1830

Year round, Fri. 11am to 4pm, Sat. and Sun. 6am to 5pm. Indoor/outdoor. No sales tax shopping at the Shore’s largest flea market. Located: In center of Eastern Shore Corner Rte. 13 & 9 at stop light.


7 Responses to “Laurel Junction”
  1. John says:

    The Bathrooms are so disgusting My wife wouldn’t use them and we had to leave early; the last time we where there. Only about 1/3 of the shops were full. The place is huge and really nice, but no ones there during the week. SAT and SUN are the only 2 days the place isn’t a total disappointment. They say the price of the booths inside are too high. It was something crazy like 60$ a day so we don’t plan on selling there. If they were able to clean up the bathrooms and fill the shops the place would be pretty cool.

  2. ClC says:

    The bathrooms are fine and kept clean and infact the mens side has the biggest handicap booth i have ever seen anywhere. The inside vendors booths are open 7 days a week and the changes to the Flea Market including Decent Treatment of the vendors under the new Management has made a world of difference making Laurel Junction truly the Best Flea Market on the Shore.

  3. Zyrule says:

    I been there befor and if the booths are always closed and the bathroom are so horrind there was rancid feces all over the floor and my son slipped in it and we had to promptly bring him home for a shower.

  4. JB says:

    I have shopped a this location for 4 years. 3 yrs. ago, when it was Bargain Bills, the place was run down and in need of a cleaning crew. Now, a major renovation has taken place and the people are very pleasant and helpful. There are shops that are open every day. I was there on Wed. Nov 23. 2011. It is expected to find filthy bathrooms on the weekend, with as busy as that place is. They were clean on the weekdays. I will continue to hunt for one of a kind gifts for my friends and family there.

  5. Kim says:

    I have been coming here for many years as a seller and buyer. Things have changed for the better than what it was just a few years ago. The new owners make the place a more fun, friendly place for both vendors and customers. The inside and outside flea market has friendly vendors ready to help customers find what they need. If you are traveling in the area, go to the flea market. Great food , too. Outside Flea market is on the Rt 9 side.

  6. Bryan says:

    I’ve been coming here since the 80s and while the character has changed somewhat over the years, all-in-all, it remains my favorite market anywhere. A good mix of merchandise with some great antiques, yard sale stuff, produce, etc. I was really concerned when the ownership changed but I thought ’11 was a good year there and when we visited last weekend the place was absolutely packed. As for the restrooms, I haven’t visited them for years. I can’t think of any market on my list of favorites that has really good ones!

  7. Buck says:

    Laurel Junction has improved a lot under the new ownership. Each off-season, they have made improvements. I have been a seller in the past and can say that the communication between ownership/management has been a vast improvement. The relationship is now like a partnership. The prices of the inside booths are affordable-it is a great way to start a new business.

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