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Incense supplier offers vendors direct-from-manufacturer deals

December 6, 2010 by Michael Alterio  
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These 19-inch incense sticks are Incense Plaza’s best selling flea market product.

By sourcing product directly from its overseas sources, Incense Plaza is able to offer low prices and high margins to the flea market and swap meet vendors it is trying to attract. “Our incense sticks are not expensive at all, so it is easy to use them to boost sales at flea markets,” says Vinod Khushaldasani, president of the company, which distributes incense sticks, incense cones, and ash catchers. “People see them, and the price is so cheap, they just pick them up.”

He explains that his sourcing is a huge advantage in making Incense Plaza a compelling supplier for the vendor trade. “We have the widest selection available on the market today, and since we import directly, our prices are the lowest compared with anyone else in the market,” he adds, explaining that other suppliers don’t offer a comparable range.

Khushaldasani says that Houston-based Incense Plaza is making a strong bid to improve its position as a seller to flea market and swap meet vendors. “We’re trying to get more into that market,” he says. “If vendors want to buy from us, they can buy from the Web site, or they can call us direct as well.” He offers two more compelling reasons to turn to his company: “We have a starter package that is also on our Web site that is $100. It has incense sticks, a cardboard display, and ash catchers. And we also have a special $50 minimum, until January.”

Khushaldasani adds that he has a new hot product line. “We have a whole range of natural incense sticks that no one else carries. The 19-inch incense sticks, which are the long ones, are completely brand new to our selection.” These long incense sticks, his best-selling product, start at $2.50, and the same packet retails for $9.99. For more information, visit the Incense Plaza Web site or call (832) 723-4470.

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