Sunday, October 21, 2018

New Indiana market sees growth with new manager, advertising

A year-old flea market in Rensselaer, Ind., has a new manager, a new advertising campaign, and a growing vendor base. The Big Top Flea Market, owned by local entrepreneur Clint Johnson, says that his wife, Michelle, has taken over the management of the indoor market. “I actually had another guy who started the flea market about a year and a half ago — his name was Howard Marshall. My wife took Howard’s place. She’s starting to advertise the flea market and it’s starting to grow. People seem to like it, and we get a lot of traffic.”

He says that the next priority is to attract more vendors, especially traditional smaller flea-market-style vendors. “Right now we’re working on getting vendors,” he says. “We’ve got maybe ten vendors. Five of them are just huge vendors who take up a lot of space. Now we’re looking for those vendors who need spaces like 10 by 20s.”

Johnson is optimistic. “We had to get the big guys in there with a lot of stuff just to get people to come,” he says. “Now we’ve got the traffic and we’re starting to get some smaller vendors.” The new flea market is advertising for vendors on Craigslist.

Rensselaer Mayor Herbert H Arihood was also upbeat about the flea market and about Johnson. On the market, he says, “I think it’s a going thing, especially the way our economy is today. We always welcome new businesses and new concepts.” And he had high praise for Clint Johnson: “He’s sharp at what he does. He’s a very likeable young man, and everybody who has dealt with him thinks a lot of him.”

The market is being held in a site that was once a Schumacher Electric building and has hosted Johnson’s auto wholesale business. For more information, call Michelle at (219) 696-7778.

Photo credits, with thanks: Rensselaer Adventures.

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