Wednesday, January 16, 2019

Three flea-market-theme reality shows are in the works

Three reality television teams are developing new shows that touch the flea market and swap meet industry to a greater or lesser degree.

Reality show and documentary producer Cineflix, known for its American Pickers show on the History Channel, is putting together a show that may be called “American Treasures” for HGTV, according to a report on entertainment news site Playback. The news report says, “A Cineflix crew will follow Gemini [Estate Services] head Cari Cucksey and her team [as they] comb through estate sales, flea markets, home attics, and garages to find junk they can flip for profit.”

Cineflix producer Molly Sebastion (who has worked on ABC’s “Wife Swap” reality show) confirmed that the show is in development, but could not provide many details. Sebastian has been looking for participants, however, with message board and Craigslist notices such as this one:

New HGTV show wants to handle your estate sale

Major television network is teaming up with Gemini Estate Services, a Detroit-based company, to produce a new documentary TV series about the world of estate sales. …  For more information, e-mail or call Molly at 646-873-6254 for an immediate response.

Another show with a similar name, “American Treasure Hunt,” is still in search of a channel that will pick it up, according to Ork Inc. vp Anthony Stoisich. “I’ve entered into an option agreement with BEI, a producer in Beverly Hills, and he’s been talking to some of the channels. They seem interested, but so far he’s hit a brick wall. I have a crew set up, and I’m ready to start filming it. He’s got about a month left on his option.”

This show takes goods auctioned off from expired long-term storage rentals and resells it. “The angle for the flea markets is interesting,” says Stoisich, “because you can see how they get it from the storage room to the junk yard where you unload everything, separate out the eBay items, separate out the jewelry, and put the rest of the stuff up at the flea market.”

A show with a very similar theme has been picked up by Spike TV and will premier Nov. 9. “Auction Hunters” also follows storage unit auctions, analyzing the finds, and reselling their treasures.

And in July, FleaMarketZone reported on a fourth flea market reality show rumored to be in development.

Oct. 21 Update: The Spike TV show was originally named “Auction Heroes,” but was renamed “Auction Hunters” before the show’s launch. FleaMarketZone has corrected the name of the show in the home page teaser and the caption below.

Spike TV's new “Auction Hunters” premiers Nov. 9.


2 Responses to “Three flea-market-theme reality shows are in the works”
  1. big d says:

    i think this show is a piece of junk already they paid the real public to stay away 50.00 each not to bid and they told the auctioners that this was just going to be news footage they have not paid there cast yet and one of there host allen haff gets into a big brawl with some of the public buyers at another shows filming another low budget trash film that will be around for a week or two and they put the gun and slot machine and cash register in the locker FAKE FAKE FAKE dont let this ruin it for a couple of shows that are the real deal in dec.

  2. teresa daniel says:

    Can we have a “real” Reality show?? It’s obvious that the trailer park show is fake! They have false eye lashes, fifty dollar nails, they can’t pay their rent, but they’re having beauty pageants?! Come on!! Let’s have reality!! Not a 1000,00 storage unit!! What really happens at a yard sale, or flea market? What kind of people really shop there? What are people really buying? Where did they come from? Just sayin’……

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