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Vapor Rich makes a compelling sell to flea market vendors

September 3, 2010 by Michael Alterio  
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Tedd Vurraro is the owner of Vapor Rich, a new electronic cigarette distributor. A sales and marketing veteran with many years of experience, he offers a compelling personal story along with comments and advice for flea market vendors.

FleaMarketZone: How did you get involved in this particular venture?

Tedd Vurraro, owner, Vapor Rich: I started it last October, after I had heart surgery, and the doctor told me I wasn’t supposed to be smoking any more. I tried some electronic cigarettes. I tested about 25 or 30 different brands, and found the best of all of them, at least in my opinion.

FMZ: What products do you offer?

Vurraro: We are the sole suppliers of Vapor Rich electronic vapor systems. I have what I think is the nicest commercially available electronic cigarette on the market.

FMZ: What makes your product stand out from the field?

Vurraro: We’re the only major company with an electronic cigarette that has a soft filter. This has got some give to it, because it has a flexible type of filter that makes it much easier to use and much more like a real cigarette. These are premium quality electronic cigarettes.

FMZ: How well do these products sell at flea markets and swap meets?

Vurraro: I’ve talked to people who have them in the flea markets, and they say they’re doing extremely well. With the flea market trade, they should go dynamite. They should be absolutely fantastic when properly approached.

FMZ: What do you mean, “properly approached”?

Vurraro: Some vendors sell strictly low-price items, mark them up, and then the customers aren’t happy, because it’s garbage. What’s been happening is that vendors sell a lot of them, but the people don’t come back for the cartridges and the things that really make the business work. We cater more to a quality product that will bring customers back to reorder, and that’s where vendors make their money.

FMZ: So how can vendors learn the right approach?

Vurraro: We’ve got a very extensive Web site that takes you though everything. It has training manuals, how to use them to get the most out of them and benefit from them. Of course, I’m always available by phone. All my dealers call me when they have any questions. And I like it better when customers call, because then I know they are serious.

FMZ: Why are electronic cigarettes a compelling product?

Vurraro: It allows people to smoke where they can’t. It has significant advantages over other methods people use to reduce their smoking. This gives you all the things you do when you smoke. Smokers are used to holding something in their hand, taking a puff now and then. There is a lot of habit that goes with an electronic cigarette, that you cannot get from a gum or a patch.

FMZ: What’s coming up on the new products front?

Vurraro: We are introducing the Vapor Rich Charge and Go, which is a durable plastic cigarette case that allows the user to charge their electronic cigarette while inside the case It holds eight cartridges and has a built in charging system.

FMZ: What should retailers know about doing business with you?

Vurraro: My idea is that since I’m the actual importer, I don’t have any middlemen to deal with. I have a legitimate price of $50, and I make my money on the cartridges, which is the reorder end of the market. People will keep coming back to buy the cartridges. Our new dealer minimum is $300, with no reorder minimums. Suggested retail pricing is $50, with 70 percent margins. We offer starter kits and volume discounts. Shipping is free for orders over $50.

For more information, contact:

Vapor Rich Electronic Vapor System
P.O. Box 33
Walls, MS 38680
Tel.: 954-421-6030
Web site:


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  1. Deborah Catalano says:

    I have been dealing with Mr Vurraro for some time now, This E cig is the best by far, Plus if you ever have a problem he will fix it right away. I have quit smoking regulr ciggarettes after having lung surgery and i dont cough anymore . And i can still get my fix of nicotine without the worry of destroying my health , Highly recommend this product

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