Sunday, May 27, 2018

Two new flea markets launch in Tennessee

Maryville Flea Market

The Maryville Flea Market in Maryville, Tenn.

In Maryville, Tenn., near Knoxville, the Maryville Flea Market opened Aug. 6. Run by Maria Hunt Wright, her husband, Keith, and their three sons (who sell cans of soda-pop there), the indoor market offers a range of goods, including antiques, household items, sports memorabilia, linens, books, movies, games, accessories, floral arrangements, and handmade arts and crafts.

That’s according to a detailed profile of the market on the Blount Today Web site. Also check out the news site’s photo gallery. The market is open Friday and Saturday from 8 am to 5 pm, and Sunday from 1 pm to 5 pm. The market Web site says that there is still space for new vendors.

Basement Flea Market

The Basement Flea Market in Waynesboro, Tenn.

And between Nashville and Memphis, in Waynesboro, Tenn., a new flea market has opened underneath the Antique Mall Of Waynesboro. The aptly named Basement Flea Market is currently advertising on CraigsList and has a page on Facebook.

Unfortunately, market manager Melba Duncan was suffering from severe laryngitis when contacted by FleaMarketZone, being able to say only “It’s really small,” before her voice gave out entirely.

FleaMarketZone also spoke with Harvey Stevens, the owner of the Antique Mall, the Basement Flea Market, and their building. “It started two weekends ago,” he says. “We’re up to 10 vendors now. We opened at eight, added two, and we can hold about 12 in this building.” He adds that he has another building into which the market can expand. Vendors pay $50 per month. According to the Facebook page, the market is open Friday and Saturday from 9 am to 5 pm, and Sunday from noon to 5 pm.

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