Sunday, May 27, 2018

Two new indoor flea markets open in New York City


The new Limelight Marketplace in Manhattan.

Two new indoor flea markets have opened in New York City, both in high-end mini-mall-like locations, with deluxe appointments and correspondingly high rents.

The Limelight Marketplace at 6th Ave and 20th Street in Manhattan was formerly a rather storied nightclub that was originally a church. Now it is home to 60 food, apparel, and jewelry vendors crammed into three floors built within the old church walls. The venue was subjected to a funny but an amazingly negative review in the Village Voice, but check it out if only for the photos. A more balanced account is also available. It opened about two months ago.


The new Shops @ Green Desk mini-mall in Brooklyn.

Just over a bridge and into Brooklyn, another indoor flea market started with a soft opening early this year, had half its spaces filled by mid-April, and recently reported full occupancy. It is being run by a company that rents small office spaces to businesspeople, and this extends the model to retailers. Located in the DUMBO neighborhood of Brooklyn, the Shops @ Green Desk market hosts about 20 vendors and charges $750 to $1,800 per month.

One retailer at the Shops @ Green Desk is Andrea Lucille Shin of Andrea Lucille Designs. A 10-year vet of juried art shows, Shin is very satisfied with her 9-foot-by-30-foot space, which serves as both her workshop and her selling space. “For me it has worked out really well. I’m on the street and it looks like a real store.” She also has good things to say about the venue. “Everything is with glass panels. It is very light and airy.” She says that is does not have a traditional flea market feel. “It’s not a flea market at all,” according to Shin.


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    No comment just a question how can i get a office space and what document/ license if need. I LIKE what shin said about the flea market

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