Saturday, December 15, 2018

White Cloud Flea Market

103 Main Street
White Cloud, KS 66094
Manager/Owner: Charles Messner
Phone: 402-245-5367

Indoor/outdoor market. Please call for more information and specific dates.

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4 Responses to “White Cloud Flea Market”
  1. I would like to set up a booth for August 31- September 2, 2012. I am an independent consultant for Thirty-One Gifts.

    Thank you,
    Jennifer Asher

  2. Jill Janesko says:

    I am interested in setting up a booth at your flea market in August, I have a traveling boutique. Could you send me the information about this event.

  3. Please check out the Facebook page (search for White Cloud Kansas Flea Market) and check out our google website. If you have questions or would like to book a spot, please call 785-850-1009. Thank You!!!

  4. Larry says:

    What are the 2017 dates for the White Cloud Flea Market?
    Thank You

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