Monday, March 30, 2015

Paradise Road Flea Market

RD 2 Paradise Road
Watsontown, PA 17777

Manager: Paul DeHaas

Phone: 267-241-1073

Indoor/outdoor market open Sundays 7am-3pm.


10 Responses to “Paradise Road Flea Market”
  1. Paul DeHaas says:

    Flea market is still open on Sundays and operating under new management!! Looking for venders! New low cost rate is 10.00 outside and 15.00 inside! Come check us out at Paradise Road location (former watsontown flea market site) enjoy!

    • Daphne Smith says:

      I have a Avon business and I am looking at opportunities to get my name and product line out there and would love to set up a table at this flea market. Please let me know what I have to do and how much it will cost etc. To do this. Thank you so much.

      Daphne Smith

    • LeeAnn Avery says:

      Do you get much of a shopping crowd these days? Is there a café/food available? Are there tables available for setting up outside? Can you provide a contact number for who I can ask questions to? Thank you.

  2. The Watsontown flea market is open and operating at the new location at rt 147 and 642 Mahoning st exit in Milton Pa. next to the Ben Franklin store. the flea market is open every Sunday 6 to 3, come out and see all your favorite vendors inside and out who made the move to a new and improved location. Thank you from the owner and president of the Watsontown market corp.

    • heather says:

      I was wondering how much to set up inside please get back to me as soon as u can.thank you

    • Daphne Smith says:

      What is the phone number to the flea market by Benjamin Franklin?

      • LeeAnn Avery says:

        Owner is K. Lewis number to call is 570-809-2852. No, they don’t have tables available outside right now. (yet) Outside space price was running at $20, inside spaces , you need to see K about as they vary and there may not be space available.

  3. Frank Harris says:

    The new watsontown location is off 147????

    • LeeAnn Avery says:

      Yes, it is where the Old Ben Franklin store was. There’s a Tractor Supply place there now. Gotta get there really really early to get a space outside even though right now it’s cold. It gets windy and you need to bring your own tables. K. Lewis is in charge and Sharon is still doing the cooking. It’s really stepped up nicely though.

  4. Randy hartford says:

    Is there tables there like the old location had

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