Tuesday, January 22, 2019

Washington Valley Fire Co. Flea Market

146 Washington Valley Road
Warren, NJ 07059
Manager/Owner: Charlie Boshen
Phone: 732-718-1148
Web: WashingtonValleyFireCoFleaMarket

Busy outdoor market, open every Sun. 7am to 2pm, end of April until Christmas, weather permitting. Find us on Facebook!


8 Responses to “Washington Valley Fire Co. Flea Market”
  1. M Cranbury says:

    Does anyone have accurate contact information for this Flea Market? The number didn’t work when we tried it and we can’t find any websites that have been recently updated. Hate to drive 40 minutes to find they are not open. Thanks!

  2. Michael Alterio says:

    As of mid-April 2011, according to the Washington Valley Volunteer Fire Company Facebook page, flea market manager Jerry Boschen has been ill, and the members of the department will be running the flea market, which opens for the year on April 17. The Facebook page also has an alternate phone number, at (732) 356-1432. FleaMarketZone offers best wishes and a speedy recover to Jerry.

  3. WarrenFlea: How do I find out the cost of a space and if the date I need is available?

  4. Trish says:

    The Warren/ Washington Valley Fire Co. Flea Market is open Sundays from 7-2 (possibly 3?). The contact number is 732-356-1432, but I didn’t get an answer when I dialed it. Tables are $20 for one table and $5 for each additional table. It’s a smaller flea market but very much worth your while to travel there because of the atmosphere. After easy parking you walk over a little footbridge into a picturesque park-like setting. They have really good singers in the late morning/ early afternoon. The guy that was there this past Sunday did some James Taylor and Beatles tunes and a jazzy “That’s Life”…it was so good I felt the need to make a bee-line across the whole market to give him a tip!! There’s a food and drink stand in the far right corner and there was a man making sno-cones over in the middle…which was great on such a hot day!! Lots of fun stuff to browse from cosmetics and jewelry to discounted packaged food to homemade soaps and candles, antique tools and dolls, even free items….you name it! It was such a lovely day!!

  5. Trish says:

    looks like the times I listed were slightly inaccurate… It’s Sundays from Easter till Christmas from 7:30 to 4. ….and I forgot the pocketbooks….how could I forget that?!!

  6. Mrs X says:

    Thanks Mr. “X” for the great “car show.”

  7. Kelly says:

    We sell homemade wedding/engaging quality bracelete for the whole bridal party…even so big/little sister, coming soon necklaces to give out to surprise members of the family that someone is pregnant, princess charms on bracelet and some others EXTREMELY well priced….we even have available array of adorable cards to put in the bracelet boxes asking if you will be my flowers girl and other cards for the necklaces. Maybe the 30th this Sunday but I have been figniting something. Maybe the Sunday after that. We would like to buy a $20 for probably next Sunday. Please email Cantante1@aol.com so we can get working on more product. Packed beautiful with cards asking to be in the bridal/groom party.

  8. Kellie Bogda says:

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