Tuesday, December 18, 2018

US #1 Metro Flea Market

3500 Augusta Road
West Columbia, SC 29169
Manager/Owner: John Hardee
Phone: 803-796-9294

Columbia’s Larget Market! Open year round, Wed. 7am to noon (wholesale), Fri. 8am to 5pm (for set up), Sat. 7am to 5pm and Sun. 9am to 5pm. Over 500 under-cover booths, 200 outdoor booths. Acres of parking, 7,000-10,000 visitors daily. Find us online at www.us1metrofleamarket.com


2 Responses to “US #1 Metro Flea Market”
  1. woods janet says:

    are you open on Friday for business

  2. Are you open on Memorial Day and other holidays that fall on Monday during the summer? It would help if you published your summer holiday schedule on your web site and on your facebook page. Thank you.

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