Sunday, October 21, 2018

Litchfield Storage & Flea Market

9170 Norwalk Road (Route 18)
Litchfield, OH 44253
Phone: 330-635-8249

Market open all year Saturday and Sunday, indoor/outdoor 8am – 3pm. Tuesdays May – September indoor/outdoor 8am – 2pm. Free set up for outside vendors.

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  1. Gail says:

    The S Litchfield Storage & Flea Market is OPEN YEAR ROUND outside (weather permitting) and inside (no matter what the weather is like). Located at 9170 Norwalk Road which is also Rt.18 (west of Medina). Phone (330) 723-0804

    This is a UNIQUE marketplace. It has vendors inside building 3 & 4. Also every other Sunday an auction is held at 1 pm in building 3. There are vendors who sell out of their storage lockers and trailers besides the other outside vendors who are setup from the road to the cornfield way in the back. Don’t forget to check ALL of them out!

    The official outside season is from April through October and is a very early market. Most vendors outside setup before sunrise and start packing up around 12:30 pm or so. The inside vendors are there most of the day.

    This is a friendly countryside flea market. There are collectibles, antiques, used items and new items. They have clean restrooms inside building 4 which are decorated with vintage and holiday items. There are also several outside port-a-potties. There is an ice cream truck and several food trucks on the outside with tables to sit at if you get hungry.

    Sunday is the busiest day. Hopefully Saturday will also become busier in the near future. Spread the word about this AWESOME flea market !!!

    P.S. The owner has been working on Tuesdays as another market day. Call for more info. As far as I know there aren’t other inside/outside flea markets on this day.

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