Sunday, October 21, 2018

Rockwood Flea World

1496 North Gateway Avenue, Building 20

Rockwood, TN 37854

Manager: Randy Cofer

Phone: 865-354-0790

Open Fri.-Sun. 8am-5pm year-round.


10 Responses to “Rockwood Flea World”
  1. Been There Done That says:

    Two year vendor at this flea market – nothing but problems from the manager.
    Bullies women, lies, plays favorites, makes up his own rules, applies them to whomever he doesn’t like, very bad temper, tries to confiscate vendors merchandise, bad stealing going on in the market during after hours. No security there. Warning…you do not want to set up in this flea market.

  2. Michael Moran Alterio says:

    FleaMarketZone doesn’t censor reviews and comments, except for inappropriate language, and we welcome feedback from all our readers. So thanks to “Been There Done That,” and we would really appreciate opinions from others who have attended this market.

  3. Ken Murphy says:

    I totally agree with comments from “Been there done that”. Randy Cofer is not the owner and as far as him being a qualified “manager”- that has got to be the biggest joke of all time- he couldn’t manage his way out of a paper bag. Please do not go to this flea market until a new manager has been chosen.

  4. Judi Owens says:

    Please don’t stay away from our FleaMkt. because of the previous remarks. It’s 2013, we are still going strong!We love having visitors and have a Variety of things to see !

  5. Joe Inventory says:

    Who owns this Flea World?

  6. Amanda says:

    Can anyone tell me the booth fee at the flee world plz. Or text it to me. 8652167992

  7. kristen coley says:

    do you sell ghost buster titans sets can you text me at 985 6246

  8. Gloria Hammontree says:

    I have been thinking about renting a booth but according to these reviews and some other ones i have read I wonder if it would even be safe for women and their products. Do you have a different manager and newer reviews.

  9. Jon Martinez says:

    How much is the fee to booths text me at 8654666226 much appreciated

  10. SJ Edwards says:

    need inside booth rental fee please????

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