Tuesday, December 18, 2018

Ripley 1st Monday

10590 Highway 15 South

Ripley, MS 38663

Manager/Owner: Wayne Windham

Phone: 662-837-4051/1-800-4-RIPLEY

1st Mon. of the month. Sat. and Sun. prior to 1st Mon. on your calendar. Daylight to dark, year round. Established in 1893. http://firstmonday.ripley.ms or

www.dixie-net.com & click on 1st Monday banner.


3 Responses to “Ripley 1st Monday”
  1. Mike Daniels says:

    Do you have power scooters to rent for handicap people? If so, how much do they rent for?

  2. Norm Hardy says:

    They have golf carts. I don’t remember the price, but they were pretty pricey, and there was. Line to get one last time I went! I want to say it was around $15/ hour or 35/ half day $50 Ll day. But DO NOT hold me to that. But they do have golf carts

  3. Bobby Parker says:

    Is the market open year round if not when is the opening date? You need to have a calendar on your sites with the open dates.

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