Saturday, July 26, 2014

Osowski’s Flea Market

1479 127th Street NE

Monticello, MN 55362

Manager/Owner: Judy Osowski

Phone: 763-295-2121

Sat. and Sun. 9am to 3pm, April through November. Indoor/outdoor.


One Response to “Osowski’s Flea Market”
  1. kyle piper says:

    hi my name is kyle i just moved to monticello mn and i am a reseller i buy and sell at flea markets and swap meats i saw that monticello has a good size flea market and it showed this number as conact number for flea market what months do you run the flea market throught ? whats the price to sell at flea market? also it states first come first sevre basic on flyer how does that work also ? i feel your more than likley open may till oct

    if possible please send me every piece of info i need to become a vendor becuase i will be wanting to sell / be a vendor for most of spring to summer

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