Saturday, January 20, 2018

New Mexico Open Air Flea Market

300 San Pedro Drive NE @ State Fairgrounds
Albuquerque, NM 87108
Manager/Owner: Kaylene Graham
Phone: 505-222-9766 / 505-304-2925

The oldest, largest flea market in New Mexico, located on 25 acres of the 200+acre State Fairgrounds. Open 7am -6pm EVERY SAT. and SUN., YEAR ROUND, except the three weeks of the September Fair. Parking $5.00. Free Admission.


One Response to “New Mexico Open Air Flea Market”
  1. Chris Duthie says:

    Kaylene Graham, Manager

    Are you Kaylene Nelson from Chestnut St? I came across your name when I was working on the Western class reunion. I’m Chris from Walnut St.

    I thought about you several months ago and wondered what had happened to you. Hope everything is good. You’re getting kind of old. :-) Oh that’s right. So am I.


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