Saturday, December 15, 2018

Miamitown Trader's Market

6312 State Route 128
Miamitown, OH

Manager/Owner: Tom Ratterman
Phone: 513-353-3838

Seasonal market open Sat. and Sun. 7am-5pm, April-October.  Located I-74 at State Route 128.


12 Responses to “Miamitown Trader's Market”
  1. Mary Ann Vollhardt says:

    I am interested on setting up at your flea market on Saturday’s. I sell homemade muffins. Can I sell the muffins, is there anything special I need to do? How much is a spot,and do I have to stay the whole day?

    If you could let me know I would appreciate it. You can e-mail me at

  2. Mary Ann Vollhardt says:

    I enjoy making homemade muffins. Could I start selling them at your flea markets on Saturdays? Do I need a license and how much would it cost me to sell my muffins?

    Thank you,

    Mary Ann

  3. Deb Cropp says:

    I have acquired many beautiful antique and collectible items from our parents’ homes since they moved into a retirement village. We simply do not have room for it all and are not really wanting to rent an antique mall space. Is it possible to set up a booth for a weekend or two until we can pare down these items? Please respond so I can know my options. Thank you

    Deb Cropp

  4. kim beuerlein says:

    I am selling handmade jewelry for the charity Parents aginst teenage susicide. would it be possible for me to set up a both and how much would it cost?

  5. Michele says:

    what is the price per day per spot?


  7. Jan says:

    What. Is the cost to rent a spot Do I have to rent for a weekend

  8. Can a space be rented for one day only and can you provide rates whehter than be daily or week end rate. Thank you!

  9. Gunner Hollin says:

    Hi, Could you please email the rates for your flea market, Thanks

  10. Joyce McMullin says:

    I’m interested in setting up a couple tables for one weekend, maybe a few consecutive weekends. How much do you charge? What are the rules? When does the outdoor season end? Please contact me via email. Thank you.

  11. Karen Ashepa says:

    Would like to set up on a Saturday. What is the cost for one day ?

  12. Sandy B says:

    How much is it to set up one time on a Sunday?

    What are times you are open?

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