Tuesday, October 23, 2018

Las Palmas Swap Meet

1305 Ollie Avenue

Calexico, CA 92231

Phone: 760-357-1510

Open year round, Wed.-Sun. sunrise ’til sundown.

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12 Responses to “Las Palmas Swap Meet”
  1. ? says:

    a map of how to get there would be nice…

  2. Michael Alterio says:

    We here at FleaMarketZone aim to please — I’ve added a Google Map to the listing. Enjoy the market!

  3. Reynaldo cuba says:

    Hi , this is Reynaldo cuba , Iam a vendor , what do I need to work in this swap meet? Thank you so much, have a nice day,

  4. Local Yocal says:

    Do your business hours mean Wednesday thru Sunday , or Wed & Sun?

  5. Yadira Medina says:

    I will like to work in las palmas.. im interest if u need someone please contact me itdoes not mather if is only for wednesdays , im 22 years old , bilingual , and very workfull thank u

  6. Nikie says:

    Las Palmas is open Wed, Thurs, Fri, Sat and Sun. BUT Wednesday is the biggest day! There is a huge crowd on Wednesday versus other days. Sunday is the quietest w/ not so many vendors.

    BTW – there are vendors with new merchandise as well as vendors with used merchandise.

  7. Alex says:

    I apologize, I have a question, could you help me telling that Swap meat san diego could find a similar sale to that found in the palms because I’m going out on a journey to beyond just previous trips was used to buying on the palms the day very early Wednesday but want to know if there is something similar in San diego.

    Best regards and thank you very much for the reply.

  8. Jose Beltran says:

    Tengo 16 años y ocupo dinero quisiera ayudar mi telofono es 1-(760)-595-2505 hablo Los dos idiom as ingles y español

  9. Marianne Murphy says:

    What time will you be open until on November 12th? Are there any vendors selling Mexican handicrafts or jewelry?

  10. Yesenia Martinez says:

    I would like to sell once a week since I am from Moreno Valley. ..what is the heaviest or busiest day…I sell make up brushes. ..cosmetics. ..hair straighteners and wands

  11. Cody Warburton says:

    Would like to know vendor requirements for Los Palmas swap meet in Calexico

  12. Dolores Gonzalez says:

    What are space rent to sell for one day used clothing what time do you have to be tthier do you go to office or reserve space ahead of time.Thank you

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