Thursday, December 18, 2014

Lake Worth Swap Shop & Drive In

3438 Lake Worth Road
Lake Worth, FL 33466
Manager/Owner: Toney
Phone: 561-965-3624

Best open air market in Palm Beach County! Produce, plants, furniture, new and used merchandise. Open 7am Mon & Thurs, 6:00 am Sat. & Sun. Visit us online at


15 Responses to “Lake Worth Swap Shop & Drive In”
  1. sheila davidson says:

    how much is it to get a spot for thursday and how is the attendance and what time do i need to be there to setup

  2. Neina says:

    Hi there.

    We been trying to called for the last few days, but no answered.
    Wondering how much to get a spot for Saturday, is there any spot available and what time do we need to be there to set up.


  3. kyle p. says:

    Moved from Lake Worth a couple years ago.. Definitely gonna check this place out. I always find stuff that I didn’t know I needed..

  4. Jana says:


    I would like to setup a spot at the market what do I have to do to enroll?



  5. linda myers says:

    I would like to rent a space for Saturday. Who can I call?

  6. Gwen Darling says:

    Hi, I have been trying to contact someone regarding rental space on weekends. I get busy signal from the phone number 561-965-3624. Please, contact me by email if the phone number is incorrect. I try this number daily.

    Thank You.

  7. Eunice Poppleton says:

    Please send Information required for saleing on Saturday or Sunday. Time,Cost, Rules Etc.

    Greatly Appreciated,
    Eunice Poppleton

  8. Brooke Bullock says:

    Trying to call to inquire about both rentals and information on to set up, hours, ect… please contact me back because I can’t get through with the number you have provided. Please and thank you

  9. Margit Mitchell says:

    I would appreciate any information you can send me regarding fees, space, required days and hour at the flea market for vendors. I would like to attend in the upcoming 2015 season.

    • Sheila Meadows says:

      You need to see the new manager at the swap shop as they will take you to the spaces that are available if you want a permanent spot.

  10. Lydia Davino says:

    How do I go about getting a spot to sell my used items?

  11. Deb & Jim says:

    Just raised customer parking fee to $4/$5 on Sat/Sun; WAY out of line. Used to visit every weekend for shopping & walking…today was our last visit on the weekend.

  12. Deb Reamsnyder says:

    Raised customer parking fees on weekends to $4 & $5; our last weekend visit was today.

  13. Ilene McCarter says:

    Who do you call about renting a space out for this weekend

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