Tuesday, December 18, 2018

Fleamasters Fleamarket

4135 Martin Luther King Jr Boulevard
Fort Myers FL 33916
Manager/Owner: Donna Matthew
Phone: 239-334-7001
Web: www.fleamall.com

900 stores, 400,000 sq. ft. Open year round, Fri. through Sun. 9am to 5pm. Mini food courts, new and used merchandise.


2 Responses to “Fleamasters Fleamarket”
  1. Susan Marney says:

    As flea market vendor at Fleamasters I must say the management runs a good flea market for both the seller and shopper. We have a wide variety of new items and a row for real flea market dealers. Fridays are kind of slow in the off season, but Saturdays are good, Sundays can be hot or cold – summers are hot but we are still selling. Hope this helps someone in deciding what to do.

  2. Linda Steele says:

    Hi Susan… Thank you for writing in about your experience at Fleamasters. We work hard, through advertising and events, to generate good customer traffic year round. There’s information on our website, fleamall.com, for folks interested in selling at Fleamasters… including a list of product types that we think would work well here. Thanks again for your comments.

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