Sunday, October 21, 2018

East Avon Flea Market

1520 West Henrietta Road

Avon, NY 14414

Manager/Owner: Paul Dean

Phone: 585-226-8320

Open Sun. 6am-4pm, April through October.


2 Responses to “East Avon Flea Market”
  1. Mike Ward says:

    Hi Paul (Dean),
    Been trying to reach you at both Vintage Drive In and East Avon Flea Market for live remote radio broadcast once the weather conclusively breaks. Only getting fax tones and pre-recorded outgoing messages.

    If it’s possible, please reply or call me today (Thursday), the 23rd, to discuss the “vintage” era theme that will work best at the Drive In. I can be reached anytime this afternoon before 3 p.m. or, after 4:30 p.m. at 315-812-0052…

    Sincerest thanks!

    Mike Ward

  2. alice proia says:

    hello, Will you please see to it that parking spaces at the flea market are clearly delineated, so that vendors like me know where they are supposed to be? This morning I had no idea I was taking up two spaces until an employee informed me that I was, and said that I had to pay for two spaces. I have been a dealer there for many years and try hard to follow the rules as they are set forth. And I would park between two lines if there were lines to park between. In addition the employee was bratty when speaking to me. My first and only (I hope) negative experience there.

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