Tuesday, October 23, 2018

College of the Desert Street Fair

43-500 Monterey Avenue
Palm Desert, CA 92260
Manager/Owner: COD Alumni Association
Phone: 760-636-7958

Locally famous for 33 years the Alumni Association is a popular weekend destination for locals and visitors alike. Shoppers at the Street Fair, can find eclectic merchandise while taking in live entertainment, delicious food and drinks, and farm fresh items from the farmers market. Admission, parking and shuttle service to and from the parking lots are always free!

The College of the Desert Alumni Association provides support to the College through revenue generated by the Alumni Association Street Fair, which is held on the College campus near the intersection of Magnesia Falls and Monterey Avenue in Palm Desert, CA. With more than 250 merchants, the Street Fair is not only an important part of the community, but also a vital facet of financial aid at the College. Funds raised by the Alumni Association through memberships and Street Fair booth rents provide support for the College in the form of scholarships and funding for special projects and programs. Street Fair patronage, in turn, enables the Alumni Association to continue to offer its support to College of the Desert.

The Alumni Association Street Fair is open every Saturday and Sunday. The fall/spring season runs October-May with hours from 7am to 2pm. The summer season runs June-September with hours from 7am to noon.

Visit us online at www.codaastreetfair.com or on Facebook.


18 Responses to “College of the Desert Street Fair”
  1. ArCh says:

    I recently met a vendor:”Cool Stuff” Iwould like to connect with phone/email. Thank you,

  2. Karen Roy says:

    We come to PS at least 3X a year, and always make it a point to attend the College of the Desert street fair. There is one particular vendor I we love that sells “reading glasses.” Mine just broke…not their fault…and I want to buy more. Could you please provide with the website addresses for those who sell these types of glasses, and maybe some pic’s of the main guys. I’ll know it/them when I see it. I want to buy several on-line.

    Thanks so much,

    A dedicated customer,

    Karen Roy

  3. Monica guthrie says:

    I am looking for the name and phone # of the vender that sells Mah Jong tiles at the COD. Can you forward their name, phone # and what days of the weekend they are at the market?

  4. Debbie Cornwell says:

    I bought ear cuffs from a vendor who specializes in them at the College of the Desert. I need to purchase more. I don’t remember what her name was. Is there any way you can send me contact information on this vendor? I believe all she sold were ear cuffs that she makes herself. Please help.

  5. Karen Roy says:

    That is, vendors or administrative staff?

  6. LisaE says:

    if you wish to contact the flea market directly, please call them or visit their web site. Fleamarketzone is a directory site; we are not the market.

  7. Lee Ann Faust says:

    Looking for a vendor…she sold boxes with blackboard/magnetic board tops. She put names on them. Bought mine while visiting a friend who no longer lives in the area. Help! Help! More Grandchildren want them! Thank you…please contact me!

  8. Sheridan says:

    Looking for vendor who sold bar soap in fragrances not there this season please help with contact number.

  9. Carol says:

    Looking for the vendor at the College of the Desert who sold car containers that could be reconfigured to be different sizes. One even held a cooler. I’d love to get in touch with them.

  10. jan miller says:

    I nee the phone # for Gifts and Glitz at the cod. Can not find on the web. Please help. Thanks Need to order more earrings. Phone is 425 210 7346.

  11. Jerry Nisker says:

    I’m trying to find the man (inventor) of the Undercover Sunshade. If you see this please call me as I would like to buy any you have left. Jerry. 714 813-3221

  12. Nancy says:

    I too need the name and contact info for the vendor who sells mah jongg sets and accessories.

  13. Judy vaca says:

    I am looking for fancy cosmotologist rhinestone aprons

  14. Nancy says:

    Looking for the bandana print stretch midi skirt I bought two years ago. F&F on the inside label. So cute and comfortable. I want to buy more. I bought two colors at 15.00 each. Please email the vendors number if still selling there. Thanks!

  15. Robin asher says:

    Need the name and phone number for metal sculpture vendor located at the left when you first enter their fair please

  16. I am trying to contact the vendor who makes necklaces, the card she gave me was Julianna Cross Isle C, Lot 3, Space 114 but the email is not valid on the card I have tried to contact her and failed multiple ways(phone and email) Please help with contact I paid for 2 necklaces that I have not received were supposed to be sent in 2 weeks it has been over a month and I have heard nothing. Please help.

  17. Need name of lady that has metal on sculptures on left side and #

  18. Phyllis Wlson says:

    Looking for the lady that sold wigs. *is she st6i8ll there and if so what space number

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