Wednesday, January 23, 2019

Chuckie’s Bay County Flea Market

108 Adams Street

Bay City, MI 48708

Manager/Owner: Chuckie

Phone: 989-893-0541 or 989-493-0302

Web site:

Outdoor, covered roof, black top floor. 100 vendors. Open every Thursday, 10am-6pm, Fri., Sat. and Sun. 8am – 6pm, mid-April through October. Like us on facebook:


3 Responses to “Chuckie’s Bay County Flea Market”
  1. lol says:

    I have never been so humiliated than to see a short grayish blue man standing in my face, which is the owners son who was claiming this dive of a flea market to be his house and thinking that he could yell at me because he is the owners son. This started after one of his friends yelled at my son because he was selling some candy. It states in the contract that a person can not sell what the concession stand sells. There were two items that my son had over looked that was in his stand, when he was confronted about the items he promptly removed the items.My son asked him if there was anything else he would liked to be removed the guy yelled at him and told him to “shut up” and told him he was playing with the rules. My son called me at home and I immediately asked to talk to chuck thinking he would know how to handle the situation but instead he started yelling random stuff that was off of the wall, all I could think is that maybe he was smoking the wacky tobacky that is floating around that flea market like it is part of the concession stand. I am by no means saying that Chuck is smoking or anyone else all I am saying is that I can smell it by the concession stand almost every night that I came when my son was closing. I think that Chuck allows his friend Tony to mistreat people and get away it.The same week they were having a problem with a different vendor I am not sure with the details but once again tony and his mouth was involved. If this is the way you would like to be treated set up here but be careful if Tony has a problem with you he will let you have it a Chuckie as they call will back him whether he is right or wrong because ” that is his house” I am not sure about any of you but I do not want to be the one who pays rent and then still be mistreated.

    The The kicker to this whole dilemma is that the same candy that was on the table this particular day was the same candy that was on the table when it was slow but when the market became busy that is when it became a problem. It could be that the items that are in the concession stand kind of looks like the restaurant beaten and worn and like it has been there as long as the dirt it sits on. There are news papers every where and not just current ones, it looks scary in there, it looks as if just one good washing would never do. I am not even sure how they are passing inspection.

  2. Michael Moran Alterio says:

    At FMZ we are glad to offer market owners and vendors a place to talk about issues. And we sympathize with any vendor and market owner who end up in a dispute. Thanks, Cathy, for your comment, and we hope that you and Chuckie’s Bay will come to some kind of understanding.

  3. Ruth Tait says:

    I have known Chickie for many years and have set up at his flea market and I have to say that I have never had a problem with him. Or his awesome family. I am here from Alabama and at the last minute called to set up at his Flea Market and without hesitation gave me a spot and welcomed me back. So Greatful for the hospitality and knowing many vendors there on a personal note even Tony has had my back many times. Thanks Chickie for your market.

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