Monday, October 22, 2018

Cascade Farmers & Flea Market

1455 South Main Street (Highway 55)

Cascade, ID 83611

Manager/Owner: Glenna and Ron Young

Phone: 208-382-3600 or 208-861-3855



Busy outdoor farmers market and flea market open Thurs.-Sun. 9am to 5pm, May through September. Come and see us! For more info, find us on Facebook.


3 Responses to “Cascade Farmers & Flea Market”
  1. howdy says:

    Outside in the elements..Very Cold up intill the last of July…Very Wet and the WIND BLOWS EVERY DAY FRO 11 am to 6pm…Better be prepared…Micro Bursts are COMMON early in the season…If you can afford $200.00 for 4 days and don’t mind risking everything you have go for it.

  2. Kory says:

    I have been at this market for five years. I have to disagree with the above. This market get tons of traffic. We set on the highway frontage on a major North/South highway. The wind does not blow everyday and on most summer days a breeze is welcome! The town has a large lake that people come from miles away to fish, camp, swim and play! The market offers full hookups and venders are allowed to stay on site and do not have to tear down tents each week. You can keep your same spot year after year if you wish. The above vender that has nothing nice to say about this market must do ok because he stayed for ten years.

  3. Jo &Roy says:

    We have been going to this market for along time,And I agree with Kory,the wind does blowup there,and sometime it,rain there. We was going to comeup there this year.But the person said if we was there this year that howdy wouldnot comeup there. So she said at we couldn,t come ther this year.It,isnot rigthe to keep us from there.

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