Friday, November 16, 2018

Big T Plaza Bazaar

4515 Village Fair Drive

Dallas, TX 75224

Phone: 214-372-9173

Open 6 days per week 10am-9pm. Closed on Tues.


5 Responses to “Big T Plaza Bazaar”
  1. camille says:

    i love big t i could come every day

  2. customer1 says:

    It says on this website that Big T plaza opens 6 days a week 10am-9pm and closes on tuesdays. That is not exactly true, it closes at 6pm on sundays

  3. Mixedd'Breed says:

    iLove Big T’s Plaza. If iHad The Money iWould Go Every Day.

  4. Dianne Howard says:

    I’m anxious to get there. I heard so much about it..

  5. Bariah Matlock says:

    I need the information to the tattoo/piercing shop inside this place…..Help ?

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