Tuesday, June 28, 2016

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Flea Market & Swap Meet News

Bazaar at the Brix New Outdoor Market

Bazaar at the Brix, located at 222 E. Maple in Enid, Oklahoma, is celebrating a successful opening to their new outdoor market.

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Children’s Auctions at Rogers Community Auction

Rogers Community Auction and Flea Market has been voted “Best Flea Market in Ohio” by Ohio Magazine for the past two years.

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Ridgewood Market: A Unique Vendor Community

Ridgewood Market was founded just three years ago by local vendor Sarah Feldman. “I wanted to create a community of artists and designers right in my neighborhood,” says Feldman.

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Supplier Zone

Sleep Soundly with All That Jazz Memory Foam and Bamboo Products

New for this summer, All That Jazz is releasing adjustable shredded memory foam pillows and waterproof bamboo mattress protectors.

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Your Experts on Reverse Logistics: Discount Truckloads

Flea markets and swap meets are the perfect venue for selling closeout and liquidation goods, but savvy vendors also know that they can tap into this same lucrative product selling stream online.

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iDrink: Carbonation Systems for Every Occasion

Douglas Wang founded iDrink in August of 2014 when he partnered with a larger overseas manufacturer who had been in the soda maker business for over 16 years.

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How-To Zone

What Do Flea Market Shoppers Want?

Flea market shoppers come looking for a bargain. But there has got to be more to it than that. With chain stores and independent retailers offering competitive pricing, and the diverse range of products available online – what is it that flea market shoppers really want?

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How to Sell More, The Smart Way

To be a successful vendor, you need to sell, sell smart, and sell MORE. So what’s the secret behind becoming a super-star booth owner? Knowing what the shoppers want exactly when they want it.

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How to Switch Off an Irate Customer

Despite the obnoxious behavior, loud shouting, screeching voices, clenching fists, pointing fingers, red faces and all, most irate customers have a sad message.

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Product Zone

Cowboy Hats from Western Express

Depending on the location of your flea, or if you will be vending at certain festivals or events, adding western themed products to your booth would be a lucrative investment this summer.

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Ramson’s Patriotic Products

Patriotic themed merchandise is always popular in the summer; especially around the 4th of July holiday.

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CTS Sunglasses

In addition to Americana, sunglasses are another traditional summer staple.

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