Tuesday, March 28, 2017

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Flea Market & Swap Meet News

Treasure Aisles and Caesar Creek Host Two Parties – No Foolin’!

The Flea Markets of Treasure Aisles and Caesar Creek are springing into the first weekend of April with two special Birthday Parties.

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Collectibles are HOT

It’s the Medina Flea Market of Collectables!

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Spring Into the Sandwich Bazaar

Cape Cod’s premier Flea Market, the Sandwich Flea

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Supplier Zone

Discount Truckloads: Reverse Logistics and More

Discount Truckloads is an experienced wholesale supplier of retail returns, customer returns, shelf pulls, overstock, liquidation, and closeout merchandise.

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Gloco Accents for Colorful Occasions

Gloco Accents is a party and candle specialist founded in 2011 after partners Terry Enepekides and Danny Carbone

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L&V Creations: The Original Aroma Lamp

Luis and Valerie Santoni, owners of L&V Creations,

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How-To Zone

2017 Strategies for Growth

It’s already February, which means outdoor flea market season is fast approaching in the Northern states.

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Three Tips for Successful Holiday Sales

The holiday season is often the busiest and most profitable time for flea and swap vendors. Preparing for the season can seem like a daunting task.

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Made In the USA Equals Sizzling Sales

Swap meet and flea market vendors from across the country are starting to get tuned into the “Made in USA” message.

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Product Zone

Hongar Farms: “Tastes as Good as it Looks”

Hongar Farms produces specialty oils and gourmet vinegars whose formulas and foundations date back to sixteenth-century Austria.

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Cut the Cord on Cable with Magic Stick TV™

The average cable bill in the United States is easily around $130, says Omar Naweed, inventor of the Magic Stick TV™.

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A Story of Patterns: Floral

Florals have remained one of the most ubiquitous motifs in linens, textiles, and fashion for their universality and natural beauty.

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