Tuesday, October 6, 2015

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Flea Market & Swap Meet News

Rock Out at the Santa Fe Swap Meet

Nothing goes better with a little shopping than listening to great music, a feature the popular Santa Fe Swap Meet is held in great renown.

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Generous Market Funds Local Scholarships

The Lake Worth Florida High School Flea Market has a long-standing reputation for generosity, especially in giving a helping hand to area students.

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Fleamasters Kicks Off Fall Season with Punkin’palooza

The fall harvest season starts October 9-11 with Fleamasters’ 5th Annual Great Pumpkin Festival: Punkin’palooza.

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Supplier Zone

Barton’s Discounts Concentrates on the Vendor

With over 65% of its business consisting of flea marketers, Barton’s Discounts is the go-to wholesale liquidation company for any products a vendor needs.

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From Flea Market Vendor to Supplier

What started in a flea market selling incense has grown into a successful business for Matt’s Incense.

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Discount Truckloads Strives to be the Client’s Partner

A wholesale liquidator of general merchandise, tools, hardware, clothing and more.

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How-To Zone

5 Tips for Booming Holiday Sales

Let me share a number with you: $616.1 billion – that’s billion with a B. What does it represent?

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Market Traders Insurance: How to Protect Yourself Before Going to Market

Market vendors lead busy lives. Their active workdays see them come into contact with a number of potential threats on a daily basis – all of which could put their business and livelihoods at risk.

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Profiting In the Cart and Kiosk Business: How to Get Started

The term “mobile merchant” has been an ever-changing one, from flea market vending to pop-up stores.

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Product Zone

Bring “The Force” to Your Jewelry Selection

Soon flea market & swap meet shoppers will be interested in some unique Star Wars products…

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Bringing Artwork to Life on Flags

Briarwood Lane manufactures and distributes premium quality flags, doormats and coordinating products.

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Charge Electronics With Ease

New Age Discoveries has created a solution for the “no charging cord long enough” problem with their ten foot braided cable.

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